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A lack of space is but an opportunity for a creative challenge


This medicine cabinet has been built into the wall so that it may be deeper without interfering with the hinged mirror adjacent to it.

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 Whether a tight space with little to no storage,

a place to store not only your video games but also your console,


  a place to display important mementos,


               shelving covers all the bases.

Miscellaneous Home Additions

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A baby gate is a necessity once those little ones start moving!

These two were custom made with must-needed features for each of these families: 

  • one has a double hinge so that the gate may swing in both directions,


  • and the other has a cat door so that their kitty can still easily gain access to the stairs.

Illustrated Cat
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What your home needs is going to be completely unique to you:

  • Perhaps you are crafty and need a place for your ribbon and/or thread.

  • Or you are in need of a simple towel/coat rack.

  • Or some fun wooden puzzles that will survive the toddler stage and beyond.


Standalone structures come in all shapes and sizes for various needs:

  • Some for storing your lawn mower and landscaping supplies.

  • Some for the tools for your gardening empire.

  • And some for an entire workshop full of all the tools that would make The Tool Man proud. *insert tool man grunt*

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