Exterior Painting & Siding Installation

A few simple changes can freshen up the exterior of your home. 

With this home:

  • We installed new vinyl siding (with a fun new colour!) to the lower front half of the house and garage,

  • As well as, built shutters and painted them (and the fascia) the same colour as the new vinyl to tie it all together.

Absolutely stunning.

Being exposed to the elements and time, wood, left untreated, becomes damaged and ugly.

This deck had definitely seen better days. A few boards were replaced and a fresh coat of paint was applied.

And Voila!

A gorgeous looking deck.

Exteriors come in all shapes and sizes, especially when it comes to height!

This beautiful, dual-coloured new home had some great height - which is not a problem with the combination of 30ft ladders and a man-lift!

A fun new colour is all the rave!

This home looks brighter and more welcoming with the new vibrant green trim!

Sometimes its the simple changes that make all the difference.

  • A fresh coat of paint on a chimney brightens an older home, making it look new again!

  • A new colour for the front door and frame gives it a whole new curb appeal.



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